Woodland Logcrafters

Handcrafted Log and Timber Homes

About Us

Woodland Logcrafters, based in Medford, WI, designs and constructs premium handcrafted custom log homes throughout the United States.

We use the most advanced techniques available to log construction and know the importance of understanding how the log construction and general contracting of a home fit together.

Joe Strama, owner of Woodland Logcrafters, has been in the log home business for 24 years. He, along with a very talented crew, is a master craftsman in the log and timber industry. Joe is a member of the Great Lakes Log Crafters Association, which is a Log Builders Association located in the midwest states. He also belongs to the International Log Builder's Association. Both of these Associations are dedicated to the education of their members. They have a mandate to research, develop and share techniques relevant to the construction of superior handcrafted log buildings. Satisfying many homeowner, Woodland Logcrafters has built many homes and cabins throughout Northern Wisconsin.

Woodland Logcrafters, LLC wants to make people aware that they know and understand the importance of constructing a building that will hold optimal long term value, at the same time creating a log home work of art. If a complete log home isn't what you're looking for but you love the Northwoods look, why not try log and timber accenting? Log and timber accenting will give your home that warm and cozy unique look. If you are looking at building or remodeling in the upcoming future, why not give Joe a call and see what types of ideas or plans he can help you with.

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