Woodland Logcrafters

Handcrafted Log and Timber Homes


The Home Building Process

We will work with you on customizing your project from site evaluation, to ground breaking, to turning over the keys at completion. With our building yard located in Central Wisconsin, we can handcraft your log shell and roof structure at our location, then disassemble and reassemble it on your site. As a General Contractor, Joe C. Strama will manage a home construction project independently to completion. We have a highly skilled construction crew that have been with us for many years, and are experienced in all aspects of the building process from clearing your site to carpentry work to landscaping. If a full log home isn’t what you’re looking for, we can design a conventional home with log accents throughout. All it takes is an idea.

Premium Logs:

Your home will be handcrafted from the highest quality timber from throughout North America. Varieties range from red and white pine to red cedar, white spruce and douglas fir. Kiln dried logs are another option and are also available.

Large Diameter Logs:

Small end (tip) diameters from 10” – 14”. Large end (butt) diameters 15” – 24”.

100% of our Log Home Shells are Handmade:

Each log is peeled by hand using a draw knife. The logs are hand scribed to fit to the log beneath. The scribed logs are cut out with a chainsaw and detailed with a chisel to form a lateral groove on the bottom of the log. SOF ROD log home gasket is installed into the lateral groove and corner notch of each log. Our standard corner notch used is the compression fit saddle notch.

Roof Support Systems:

Once the log walls are complete, the roof system is constructed and erected. The roof support system consists of posts, purlins, ridge poles and log trusses.

Additional Log Components For Your Home:
Log Rafters, Columns, Beams, Floor joists, Stairs, Railings


We provide the following services:

Log Building Standards

Woodland Logcrafters, LLC is fully licensed and insured. We are members of the International Log Builders’ Association (ILBA) and The Great Lakes Log Crafters Association (GLLCA). Our homes exceed the standards set by these organizations.

We encourage you to contact us, whether you just want to talk possibilities or you’re ready to start a project.
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