Woodland Logcrafters

Handcrafted Log and Timber Homes


Thinking about our beautiful full log cabin in northern Wisconsin gets my heart beating just a bit faster! And this is due to the absolute craftsmanship of Joe Strama and the crew at Woodland Logcrafters. Woodland Logcrafters is listed in dictionary.com under artistry, beauty, and trust. The full log cabin that this team built is amazing in its size and strength, yet the attention to details is what makes me fall in love with our place each time I see it.

From the moment we shook Joe Strama’s hand in agreement that he and his team would build our cabin, we have been on a great ride. In the very beginning, Joe asked if we would be interested in some gorgeous white pine logs that he would be able to procure, long before they were needed for our project. His ability to envision so much of the home before a wall even went up buoyed our enthusiasm for the project. The team actually built the home twice – once at their headquarters in Medford, WI – and then, after being numbered, dismantled, and delivered to our site, re-assembled.

It is not difficult to tell you why you want to choose Woodland Logcrafters. The difficulty is selecting which of the two hundred compliments about Joe to share with you. You, like us, will feel the need to check out ads in glossy magazines and page through supermarket fliers. Photographs of soaring homes on the front of real estate issues will catch your eye. However, I have done all of the work for you, even calling a dozen of the homeowners who chose Woodland Logcrafters before we did. After all, a company that has been in business for over 20 years – with the same team! – speaks volumes. Each phone call began and ended the same way – queries from me and overwhelming positive, glowing reports of the Logcrafters team. The constant refrain was “When Joe Strama builds a home for you, he builds it as if he is building it for himself.” This is the reason enough to choose Joe - he does, indeed, build the home as if it is for he, and his family. The massive amount of time that he spent on our design, before the site was even excavated, was evident in each of our meetings with Joe. The particular way a lock was set, the exact color and placement of craggy rock in the four fireplaces, the way the trim work was finished, even the setting of the giant boulders outside was important to him.

I am certain that you will be overwhelmingly thrilled with Joe Strama and Woodland Logcrafters, but only if you value honesty, scrupulous attention to subtleties, hard work, ethics, and beauty.

Katie and Jim Butman