Woodland Logcrafters

Handcrafted Log and Timber Homes


Many years ago when Dennis and I met in college we talked about our dreams for the future. You can’t imagine how excited we were to find out that we both loved log homes and had hoped to one day own a summer home on a lake. One of his favorite sayings was “Life is an adventure” and he was always willing to try new things. Like most couples we spent the first twenty-five years of our marriage establishing our careers and raising our daughters.

After our daughters left home, we had more time to make plans for our future and life really became an adventure. We started looking at log home companies across the state of Wisconsin and became serious about following our dreams. It was a stroke of luck that we found our property in the Medford area where Dennis had been deer hunting with friends for many years. We had never heard of Woodland Logcrafters but soon became intrigued by the unique technique and the talent it took to create the beautiful log homes you and your crew had made. The rest is history. We did not settle for a summer home but instead decided to retire in Medford and build a year around home on our site by the lake and that is when the real “adventure” began.

Joe, you and your talented crew created the most beautiful log home we had never expected to have. We are so impressed with the workmanship and quality you put into it. You are not builders but craftsmen. Each home we have watched you build has the same quality that your own home has and that is not true of all builders. More importantly, you made the entire process so enjoyable and fun.

I can’t thank you enough for making this part of our journey a wonderful and exciting adventure. You are not only a talented craftsman but also an honest and trustworthy individual to work with. Thank you again.

Joanne and Dennis Mick